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Injury Prevention

Grant Training Systems was founded on the belief that there is a better way to deal with: (1) lengthy injury rehabilitation after conventional treatment and (2) athletes not performing as well after surgery as they did before their injury. David Grant’s graduate degree in Kinesiology and Sports Medicine and his more than 10 years of experience in providing successful therapeutic treatment have demonstrated that traditional therapeutic approaches often do not deal with injury prevention and do very little to address proper movement mechanics. Injury prevention and proper movement mechanics are critical to avoiding re-injury and to attaining higher performance.
At GTS, we realize that injuries are inevitable in life, and we also know that it is not just the injury that needs to be fixed. It is also necessary to correct the dysfunction that caused the injury to avoid a recurring problem that could threaten an athlete’s career or make it difficult for parents to do normal things like play with their children.
GTS focuses on correct movement education and training. David teaches clients to unlock their body’s self-healing mechanisms and avoid re-injury while performing at peak levels. As David often says to his clients, “It is the victim (injury) that makes the noise while the thief (the physical dysfunction or cause) is quiet and causing more harm.”

What our clients say

Our Clients

During my first appointment, David did a comprehensive interview

I am a U.S. military member who has over 25 years of active duty service with combat duty.

I had a skiing accident that left my shoulder, feeling like it was hit by a truck.

Learn The Tools
To Be Injury Free

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Online Membership

The Unbreakable Body

The Unbreakable Body is an online membership with weekly live coaching calls focused on teaching you the knowledge and tools to become and stay pain-free. The 300+ exercise training videos, 100+ progressive rehab workouts will help you gain body awareness, improved strength, flexibility, and balance resulting in a renewed physical and mental state. The Unbreakable Body is easy to follow and comes with community and expert support. The first 30 days are free, but you are the only one that can pull the trigger. So what is holding you back?

The FREE Unbreakable Body

30 Day Challenge

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The FREE Unbreakable 30 Day Challenge

 This program will help you understand not only what you need to work on but also your inherent strengths. You will learn the difference between good pain, bad pain, and how pain is simply a message your body is sending to your brain. When you learn to use this as information and a motivating tool – you will create a new relationship with your body.


✓ Learn the Tools to Become Injury Free


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