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Ready To Run

David Grant

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Ready To Run

“Ready to Run” is a must for any new runner, especially if you are a heel striker. If you are an experienced runner and do not heel strike, this book is still excellent as it discusses issues such as the dangers of arch supports, heel drop ratios, and the concept of internal training. Many people forget that running is a skill. We learned how to walk through trial and error when we were young; however, we should not do the same with running.

Kelly Starrett does a great job detailing the simple, yet important steps to proper technique. You will learn simple drills, tests, and exercises that will help you learn and understand the correct movements needed to be an efficient runner. Running is a skill that everyone can master, but it should be a process not bogged down with injury and frustration. Since running is a skill, it is essential to learn the maintenance and responsibility that comes along with it. Ready to Run will teach you a system to help diagnose the common problems associated with running and the mobility drills needed to fix them.

I recommend Ready To Run by Kelly Starrett to all of my clients no matter their skill of running. From professional athletes, high level military tactical athletes, moms/dads, or the weekend warrior. If running is anyone’s goal or skill they need to master, there is no better start then this book.

Ready To Run by Dr. Kelly Starrett DPT


“Cultivate an awareness that each minute you tick off sitting is doing damage to your body and to your running.”

“What’s tremendous about runners is their task-completion mindset. It can also be their undoing.”

“Sitting shuts down the recovery mechanisms that are critical to your training adaptations. Your circulation is compromised, and so is your lymphatic system. It’s like tying knots in a bunch of garden hoses.”

“If you’re heel-striking, you have to stop. It’s eating you alive.”

“All human beings should be able and willing to perform basic maintenance on themselves.”


Author: Dr (DPT) Kelly Starrett
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Entertainment Value: 10/10
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