The Big Fat Surprise: Red Meat

The Big Fat Surprise

David Grant

Book Review

The Big Fat Surprise

This book was a game changer for me: the amount I refer back to this book and its content is unbelievable. I have never felt better and been healthier in my life since increasing my red meat intake, understanding the true danger of poly-unsaturated fats (vegetable oils) and understanding the purpose of dairy in our diet. I joke time and time again, but after this book you will think twice about ever touching vegetable oil or saying no to red meat again.

Another awesome benefit of this book is how Nina explains why the nutritional science we have is so flawed. The major reasons behind it will shock you and makes this book a red meat thriller novel all by itself.

The Big Fat Surprise: Red Meat


“The AHA even rode the profit wave of refined carbohydrates from the 1990s onward by charging a hefty fee for the privilege of putting the AHA’s “Heart Healthy” check mark on products, with the label ending up on some dubious candidates, such as Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, Fruity Marshmallow Krispies, and low-fat Pop-Tarts”.

“Giving up animal fats has also meant shifting over to vegetable oils, and over the past century the share of these oils has grown from zero to almost 8 percent of all calories consumed by Americans, by far the biggest change in our eating patterns during that time. In this period, the health of America has become strikingly worse. When the low-fat, low-cholesterol diet was first officially recommended to the public by the American Heart Association (AHA) in 1961, roughly one in seven adult Americans was obese. Forty years later, that number was one in three. (It’s heartbreaking to realize that the federal government’s “Healthy People” goal for 2010, a project begun in the mid-1990s, for instance, was simply to return the public back to levels of obesity seen in 1960, and even that goal was unreachable.)”

“Food manufacturers, from Big Food to the corner bakery, came to rely upon hydrogenated oils because they’re cheaper than butter and lard”.


Author: Nina Teicholz
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Entertainment Value: 9/10
Life Value: 10/10
This Book is for:  Anyone wanting to lose weight, get fit, or stay fit by eating saturated fat; also a must read for any health care provider, personal trainer, or coach.

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