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Tribe Sebastian Junger


“Humans don’t mind hardship, in fact they thrive on it; what they mind is not feeling necessary. Modern society has perfected the art of making people not feel necessary. It’s time for that to end.”

“The public is often accused of being disconnected from its military, but frankly it’s disconnected from just about everything. Farming, mineral extraction, gas and oil production, bulk cargo transport, logging, fishing, infrastructure construction—all the industries that keep the nation going are mostly unacknowledged by the people who depend on them most”.

“How do you become an adult in a society that doesn’t ask for sacrifice? 

“How do you become a man in a world that doesn’t require courage”?

“As affluence and urbanization rise in a society, rates of depression and suicide tend to go up rather than down”.


Author: Sebastian Junger
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Entertainment Value: 9/10
Life Value: 10/10
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