Unconventional Medicine by Chris Kresser

Unconventional Medicine

David Grant

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Unconventional Medicine

“Unconventional Medicine” is an excellent book for people wanting to learn about the field of functional medicine. Today we live in a world that focuses on prescribing pills to mask problems while avoiding the root cause. “Unconventional Medicine” goes into great detail about a more effective way.

I highly suggest this book for parents and teachers. 2018 is an entirely different and more difficult world for a child to stay focused. Unfortunately, we live in a world where hormones/pesticides are in all food, doctors give antibiotics/medicines for every ailment, and the digital world is making our attention span shorter by the second. “Unconventional Medicine” will help give you the knowledge you need to build a template that works to reverse this.

Chris Kresser runs a functional medicine institute in Berkley, California and has been blogging for ages about how we can regain our health. Chris’s previous books dealt with functional nutrition, and It is great to see him put his knowledge about functional medicine together with this book. For the run of the mill family that looks at western medicine as the only answer, but still wants a peer-reviewed evidence-based approach. “Unconventional Medicine” is your answer and your new future path.

Unconventional Medicine by Chris Kresser


“In fact, it’s not an exaggeration to say that the history of science has been the history of most people being wrong about most things most of the time. The willingness to challenge even our most deeply-held assumptions and the humility to admit when we’ve been wrong are essential to good science.”

“In a hundred years, medical practitioners will probably shake their heads over the methods used today. After all, nobody would treat a headache by drilling a hole in a patient’s head, but that was the practice in the Dark Ages”.


Author: Chris Kresser
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Entertainment Value: 7/10
Life Value: 10/10
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