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From Broken To Bulletproof: The Corporate Seminar that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE


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From Broken To Bulletproof

The Corporate Seminar that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE

Would you like to have two more months productivity per year for free, just by making only minor adjustments in your daily routine?  Sound too good to be true?  We could easily double that to four months more productivity!


Welcome to the Broken to Bulletproof Corporate Seminar

The average worker spends 4 to 5 hours per day processing information.  How many unanswered e-mails or unread books do you have?  Processing all this data and inquiries is expensive.  Half of the employee’s salaries are being paid to process information.  Human Capital, your employees, are the most significant asset and a major cost for any company.  Yet employee’s attempt to process all these demands is leading to a medical condition known as “Information Fatigue Syndrome.”

The frequent result is “I forgot.”  “I forgot” can be one of the most dangerous and expensive two words in business.  “I forgot to do it.”  “I forgot to bring it.”  “I forgot that meeting.”  “I forgot the name.”  We lose time, credibility, deals and income over “I forgot.”  How can you show someone that you or your company believes they are a valued partner if you don’t care enough to remember their name?

Broken to Bulletproof!  How does the Broken to Bulletproof Seminar address this issue?  I can teach you my proven seven-step system that optimizes your body and increases your productivity.  Remembering names, increasing work output yet decreasing time spent, and having consistent laser focus are all just the beginning of the benefits of my proven system.

Step 1: Where to Start – Fix Yo Sh#t

  • Discover the blueprint to your body and learn how it can heal itself.
  • Understand why your office environment is causing your body to break down.  Problems may include back pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.  It does not matter since YOU can learn to FIX IT  and ELIMINATE THESE SYMPTOMS without the use of medicine or surgery.

Step 2: Movement is Our Medicine

  • Your movements are causing your pain.  Learn how to move properly and the pain will disappear; it is that simple.  Ninety percent (90%) of my clients report a dramatic decrease in pain two weeks after starting the program.
  • Proper sitting, standing, bending and turning were never adequately taught nor were the health issues taught that result from improper movements.
  • Discover the secret movement system the human body was designed to use and use it to be “bulletproof.”

Step 3: Nutrition – Fuel Your Day Correctly

  • When a car runs out of gas, it stops.  When you use the wrong type of fuel in the car it won’t run right and it creates other problems.  What about you?  Humans will run down too, and with the wrong types of food we also develop “other problems.”  Learn real food science so these things do not happen to you!
  • Breakfast is essential.  We should monitor our food cholesterol?  WRONG!  There is a lot of false information about cholesterol.  Learn about the right system and the right diet to feel the benefits automatically.

Step 4: Office Max – Get your muscles working for you, not against you

  • Weak muscles are not your problem – activating (?) them is.  Learn how to turn this around and feel your pain disappear.
  • Learn how to lose weight, gain muscle and do less.  It’s a simple process.

Step 5: Fix Your Gut – Make your brain a computing machine

  • The “weakness” in your gut is why you get sick.
  • Bulletproof your gut – bulletproof your self.
  • If bacteria is our friend, who is our enemy?
  • How the gut can be the onset of brain diseases.

Step 6: Sleep: Get more Zzzzzz and feel the magic

  • Eat more, lose weight and tap into secret energy – all by sleeping longer.
  • Increase or decrease your memory by forty percent (40%), the decision is yours.
  • How one extra hour of sleep could make you millions – or how one less hour of sleep could lose you millions.

Step 7: Never Get Sick Again – Breath, freeze, sleep & repeat

  • I have not been sick in two and one half years.  Wim Hof, who is over 50 years old, has not been sick for over 30 years and counting.  Learn the secret.
  • How all of us are breathing incorrectly, which opens the door to disaster.
  • Learn the mindset tricks that decreased US Navy Seal drop out rates by thirty percent (30%).

Companies I have worked WITH OR WHICH SELECTED me to make presentations to their staffs.


Rumble Roller

Mercedes Benz

WTB (Tennis Federation)

Swimming Federation

In addition, I am an adjunct lecturer at the University of Tubingen Sports Science Department.

For more information concerning booking a seminar please email me at [email protected]

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