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Cold Showers: The Best Advice EVER for not getting SICK

David Grant

The Power of a Cold Shower

& how that will keep you from getting sick

Have You Heard About Cold Showers?

Depending on the amount of time you immerse yourself in podcasts, YouTube, and lifestyle coaches correlate directly with how much you might have heard about cold showers – or Wim Hoff in particular.

This blog is not about Wim Hof or his techniques. Not that they are not amazing, I have been doing his methods for two years now and am bulletproof when it comes to getting sick. However, I have a hack that will work for everyone.

It all came about when one of my friends and international manager for many large fitness brands ask me a simple question. What one tip could I suggest, given all my education and experience that would provide the most solid punch? With my education in Sports Medicine/Athletic Training, a Masters in Human Performance & Injury Prevention, and in-depth knowledge of many lifestyle fields such as nutrition, sleep, and mindfulness – this was difficult to answer. Then the answer hit me like a brick in the face.

How Simple it is.

If we are sick everything comes to a halt. Work, family life, fitness, vacation, and nutrition – the list goes on and on. When we are sick, we cannot optimize any of them. So the question became quite simple. What would I suggest to prevent someone from EVER GETTING SICK? Or to reverse engineer the problem, let’s figure out why everyone is getting sick so quickly.

Antibiotics, processed foods, stress, and lack of sleep are just a few of the problems, but I do not think they are the largest culprit. I think we are having the wrong conversation. Let us start with an analogy consisting of a scale from 1-10. If one is dead and ten is bulletproof than getting sick hovers around six. The problem is that most peoples immune system is probably around a five or seven. For the people around seven, this means that they are generally healthy most of the time, only getting sick now and again. My theory is often proven correct by observing when this group gets ill. It almost always happens when their “stress” increases. Not just personal or emotional stress, but their daily stress. Longer days, more work, less sleep, increased meetings, fill in the blank. It is these times that stress the body and break its overall average from a “7” down. Some people get symptoms of being sick (like a 6.5) while others get the full on flu (below 6.)

What Does Cold Water Do?

So you might ask “what does cold water do?” The answer is simple. Cold water stresses your immune system. Remember the old saying “what does not kill you makes you stronger”? The cold shower is a perfect example of that. By stressing your immune system you are first breaking it down (so maybe you get a bit sick), but then it builds back stronger. Sticking to our scale analogy that means your seven would increase to a 7.5 or more. Thus, getting you closer to the bulletproof number and farther away from the dangerous six. The Wim Hof method talks about ice baths and extreme temperatures, and there is nothing wrong with this at all. However, my goal is to prevent you from getting sick, and I think a cold shower is enough to achieve that.

How Can You Start & Are You Going To Get Sick For Sure?

Getting started is simple, all you have to do is turn the water cold. However, some tips and tricks will help. A huge factor is when you are starting. If it is in the summer than most likely your water is cold, but bearable. If it is winter, that is an entirely different story! Click Here to download my free starter guide to cold showers. It will give you tips like starting with the water fifty percent cold, or why starting cold is so important. I have not been sick for over two and a half years and now meditate in the snow while wearing only a bathing suit! Of course, you do not need to follow in those extreme footsteps, but if you want to bulletproof your immune system then start with my free program!

Wim Hof: Never Get Sick Again

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