Low Back Pain from Sitting too much? This will Fix it!

Low Back Pain From Sitting too Long? Here is Your Solution

David Grant

Low Back Pain from Sitting too Long?

Here is Your Solution

From Smoking to E-Cigarettes. Trust me; it makes sense.

If sitting is the new smoking, then consider this video your e-cigarette. In a world where sitting less than thirty minutes daily and changing our position every two minutes is not possible, we must find ways to minimize the damage and of course, our lower back pain. So what is your e-cigarette you might ask? Simple. It is the hip shifting exercise you are about to learn. It is perfect for the office, car, train, plane and anywhere else you find yourself on your butt.

Shakira Had a Hit Song & a Great Point

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. Our hips don’t lie. Matter of fact, they almost always tell the truth. We don’t know how to listen to them (or choose not to.) When we start getting that sensation that we need to stand up and move around, that is our hips and lower back having a conversation with us. Just like anyone or anything else in this world, if you do not listen to them, they get upset. So your back pain and hip pain is just your body telling you to listen better. One fantastic way to do this is with these exercises. I get it. You are not always able to stand up, move around, and take a break whenever you want. However, you sure can do these exercises when surfing the web, answering emails, or listening to someone on the other end of the phone

The Real 401K

Many companies match the savings when it comes to your retirement account, financially that is. Now you can put extra on top by regaining your mobility, becoming pain-free, and get rid of your hip or back pain on the companies dime! Free up those extra hours at home for your family, kids, or a nice glass of red wine. We only live once. Of course, and we want it to be a long, healthy, and prosperous time – so why not free up those hours & days for things we enjoy. Let the boss pay for the time it takes to become pain-free. He will not complain, your mood will be better, your productivity higher, all in return making the company and him stronger!

Becoming a Hip Shifter

From shape-shifting to hip shifting, the important thing is that we are consistent and successful in resolving our hip and back pain. The good news is that it is not as difficult as you might think. Start by either setting a timer on your phone, choosing a color for the day or if you are in meetings all day, a word that someone will say and make that the cue to do your exercises. If you are not comfortable moving your hips in a meeting full of people, then cross your leg and do the stretch. Remember, any movement is better than no movement at all! Your hips, low back, and body will thank you!

Movement is our Medicine & Education is our Therapy!


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