Never Get Sick Again Corporate Seminar

Never Get Sick Again: The Seminar that will MAKE YOUR BULLETPROOF

David Grant

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Never Get Sick Again

The Seminar that will make you bulletproof

How much money does your company lose because of employees getting sick? A study in 2012 showed America loses over 576 billion annually. This study does not touch upon the number of people going to work and not feeling well. I can not even imagine those numbers.

We already know that a person spends 4-5 hours on average processing information, now imagine your team (or yourself) doing this when you are sick. Half of the employees yearly salary is paid for processing information. We want to teach them how to optimize their day – not barely get through it.

How does the Never Get Sick Again Seminar fix this issue? I will teach you my proven method to bulletproof your immune system to the common colds and flu that is annihilating our workforce. Our body works on feedback loops, and it will only be as strong as our weakest link (or lowest standard.) That is why it is crucial we turn the idea of getting sick into something we can not even imagine. For me getting sick is like food poisoning, it does not happen.

My proven method has kept me from getting sick for over 2.5 years, and let’s make one thing clear. I am sitting in the snow, breaking ice to swim in rivers, taking daily cold showers, and I have not touched any medicine or pills in over three years. My daily routine would is what makes me bulletproof, but my standard would kill most people.

Has it always been like this for me? No, in 2012 when I arrived in Germany, I was sick 3-4 times/year on average. Doctors told me to take antibiotics, gave me various cold medications, and told me it was normal because of the changes in the weather. At first, I listened to their advice. Only to have more intense symptoms each consecutive time I got sick. My breaking point came when I woke up in a cold sweat in January with lucid hallucinations not knowing where I was. That was 2015, since then I have perfected my Never Get Sick Again method and have not looked back. Let me do the same for you!

What will your team learn in the Never Get Sick Again Seminar?

Step 1: Never Get Sick Again – Breath & Freeze

  • Why the cold is your warm friend & how it will make your mind and immune system bulletproof
  • How all of us are breathing wrong, and why this opens the door to disaster
  • Why you don’t need ice to get solid results

Step 2 Optimize Your Gut & Fuel Yourself Correctly

  • I lost half my life being misdiagnosed with ADHD and depression due to simple food allergies. Now I read a book a week & have a laser focus ALL DAY. Learn my secrets and optimize your day
  • When a car runs out of gas, it stops.  When you use the wrong type of fuel in the car it won’t run right and it creates other problems.  What about you?  Humans will run down too, and with the wrong types of food we also develop “other problems.”  Learn real food science so these things do not happen to you!
  • Why the weakness in your gut is why you get sick. Bulletproof this & bulletproof yourself
  • How the gut is the onset of all brain disease
  • Learn how to hack your hunger system and stay focused by eating what you want

Step 3: Sleep: Get more Zzzzzz and feel the magic

  • Eat more, lose weight, and tap into secret energy – all by sleeping longer
  • Increase or decrease your memory by 40%. The decision is yours
  • How one extra hour of sleep could make you millions – or how one less could lose you millions and possibly even kill you

Companies I have worked for or which have selected me to make presentations to their staff


Rumble Roller

Mercedes Benz

WTB (Tennis Federation)

Swimming Federation

In addition, I am an adjunct lecturer at the University of Tubingen Sports Science Department.

For more information concerning booking a seminar please email me at [email protected]

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