Alex Morse Testimonial

Two Tennis Balls & I am Pain-Free

Alex Morse

This is for anyone who has an injury that just won’t go away. I’ve had back pain since a skiing accident at a very young age. The fall caused a pelvis tilt and years of knee and lower back pain. After years of chiropractic and massage therapy, the knee and pelvic tilt issues subsided, but the back pain remained. It continued through high school, college, and my entire career in the military thus far. About 6 months ago, I find out about GTS, a rehab place in Sindelfingen focused on sport specific fitness and injury maintenance and prevention. I went there and spoke with Dave Grant who runs GTS. We discussed my back issues and I decided to give his methods a try after over 20 years of chronic issues. It took Dave one session to hone in on the problem area and explain the issue was no longer with my skeletal system, but a problem in the muscular and myofascial connective tissues on my lower and mid back causing uneven posture and short/long muscle pulls. Although I had seen results from other forms of physical therapy I hadn’t had anyone get as in-depth so quickly and to the root of the problem. I decided to go through a full therapy session which turned out to be 6 or 7 sessions over 6 weeks and have never felt better. I am posting this now about 4 months post treatment and have only continued regular maintenance exercises.

Now that David’s programs are available online, there is no excuse for anyone not to become pain-free! Take advantage of his knowledge and start taking care of yourself.