Brian Halliday Testimonial

My Headaches, Shoulder, and Neck Pain are Gone

Brian Halliday

I met David through a business course we took online. I remember being impressed by his ability to deliver clear and concise physical therapy concepts through video. I was suffering from neck pain, shoulder pain, and headaches due to the amount of work I was doing at the computer. My doctor told me the headaches were regular from the computer and suggested medicine for neck pain and shoulder pain. I knew there must be another way. A way that allowed me to continue to grow my business but also eliminate my pain.

David sent me a few videos (since I am based in Wales) and told me to do them before, after, or during my time at the computer. I was a little shocked that my headaches, shoulder pain, and neck pain could be so easy to treat. However, after just a few times of doing the exercises, I felt different. First, my shoulder pain and neck pain did not come, and as a result, I did not get the usual headaches I usually experienced while working at the computer.

I continue to do David’s program weekly, and I have never felt better. I highly recommend David’s online programs to everyone wanting to become pain-free.