Chad Johnson Testimonial

From Knee Pain to Setting New Personal Record

Chad Johnson

I found David through multiple recommendations and his online videos. I was suffering from knee pain and hip pain that was not going away and eliminating the things I loved to do. Different allied health professionals told me to stop playing in my basketball league, stop jogging for exercise, and that knee pain and hip pain were standard for my profession and age. I found this hard to believe and was relieved when David told me that this was not true.

David’s Initial Consultation was detailed and very personal to my situation. He focused precisely on what the root cause for my personal hip and knee pain was. No generalization took place. His approach tailored to my exact issues and pain. I appreciated that!

I also loved the online portion of our program. The online playlist of exercises, stretches, and mobility drills allowed me to continue my treatment all over the world. Traveling for work was no longer an issue for me to become pain-free. For the first time in years, I was able to travel with the confidence that I would not be debilitated by horrible hip or knee pain.

I am back jogging, and I am running faster than I ever have. I am playing basketball multiple times weekly, and I have never felt better. I recommend David for anyone looking to make a change. If you want to become pain-free and learn the tools to stay that way – David is your guy.