Chris Sumstine Testimonial

No More Skiing? I Go Every Weekend

Chris Sumstine

David Grant is a wizard at soft-tissue problem solving for the human body. When you talk to David it will quickly become apparent he has a passion and expertise for his craft of making people more mobile while teaching them how to stay that way.

When I first saw David both my knees hurt, my left elbow and shoulder would intermittently fail in weight-bearing activities and I did not trust my body in certain activities. Through his special technique in soft tissue therapy, he succeeded in breaking down scar tissue and removing other barriers to good muscle and sinew behavior. I was convinced that I could never ski again, but David assured me I could if I kept working on the exercises and therapy. Fairly quickly my shoulder, elbow and left knee pain left me. David took 3 or four sessions on my right knee but eventually, it became much better. Now I can manage it myself and at 52, will kick off skiing again with my kids on Feb 9th. If you have what you think is an intractable soft-tissue problem that is causing you pain or lack of movement contact David now. Spend a bit of your “COLA” or entertainment money to make yourself feel better.

If you are too far away to see David in his office, check out his online programs. I am using my playlist of online exercises still to this day!