Clayton Sharum Testimonial

I Can Lift My Daughter Again Pain-Free

Clayton Sharum

Where to begin? I was experiencing knee pain that was not getting better and starting to limit my personal life. Hiking with my family, playing basketball with my friends, and jogging on the weekend was quickly becoming not possible. Multiple medical professionals suggested medicine and merely taking a break. I gave that a shot and quickly realized that this was not the solution.

I found David through his videos online. His approach tailored to the individual’s education about their body. David’s videos always spoke about learning the tools you need to become pain-free and stay that way. This message resonated with me, and I was ready to give it a go!

Within the first few weeks of working with David, I was already back to doing things that were not possible before. I was hiking with my daughter, jogging without knee pain, and traveling for work without pain. My online playlist of exercises, stretches, and mobility drills were huge! This allowed me to continue my progress no matter where in the world I was.

I am currently pain-free and know what I need to do to stay that way. David’s approach taught me the tools I need to enjoy life. His approach focused on optimizing my sleep, nutrition, and mindset in correlation with my exercises. I cannot recommend David enough! Now that all of his programs and coaching are online – what are you waiting for?