Online Shoulder Course

My Pain Disappeared in Weeks

David Barlow

I met David while on vacation in the Dominican Republic. It is a bit funny to think a few years later, he would be the only one that fixed my horrible forearm pain. Multiple doctors and physios in my home state could not figure it out. Yet, David (in a completely different country) accomplished it faster and easier than I could have ever imagined.

My story is pretty simple. I am a busy father, husband, and business runner. My forearm started to be painful during simple activities like writing, typing and sometimes driving. However, that dull pain began to creep into different areas of my day and became very debilitating. Biceps curls in the gym became impossible without excruciating pain. I was worried because the pain would come and go with different levels of severity, and no one knew what was going on or why.

David and I had our Initial Consultation over Zoom (via the internet), and he explained why my forearm started to hurt and why it was only getting worse. His explanation made complete sense, and for the first time – I felt like someone understood the problem. David created a private playlist of online videos focusing on my forearm, but also hips and shoulders. He explained that this was the “root” of the problem, and concentrate on all of it together would make sure the pain never comes back. David was right, within weeks my pain had diminished, and I was back to my healthy life. I continue with his exercises, and the pain is a memory of the past.

I highly recommend David for anyone looking for a different approach. His approach focuses on education and simple lifestyle changes – not only medicine and excuses. If you are ready to become pain-free, contact David!