David Jones Testimonial

I Thought My Lower Back, Knee, and Shoulder Pain Would Never Go Away. I Was Wrong

David Jones

I am a U.S. military member who has over 25 years of active duty service with combat duty.  I arrived in Germany for less than a year ago with chronic ailments from my years of service.  Specifically, I had knee issues (surgery to repair a torn meniscus on one knee and a partially torn ACL in the other) which prevented me from being able to go into a squat position without considerable discomfort nor could I run without pain in my knee afterward and discomfort going up/downstairs.  Additionally, my hip was out of alignment from trying to compensate for the knee issues.  The misaligned hip also started to cause discomfort in my lower back.  Finally, from years of pull-ups/pushups/weight-training, I had pain in my shoulder and difficulty raising my left arm above my head (clicked or felt like it was “catching”).

During my first appointment, David did a comprehensive interview to not only gain insight into my prior injuries and areas of pain/discomfort but to gain knowledge of what I needed to do on a daily basis and my long term health goals in order to formulate a treatment plan.  After a brief physical exam (asking me to do various exercises, putting me in positions to determine the range of motion/discomfort, physical manipulation of my body) he then thoroughly explained what had occurred in my body, why I was feeling the pain and most importantly, how he was going to fix it.  I will admit I was a bit skeptical at first as I had already visited military medical doctors and a physical therapist and they were not able to provide any relief.  However, I was thoroughly wrong.  After my first session with David, I was able to squat further than i had been in years!  Over the next five sessions, David worked on my various issues (knee, hip, back, shoulder) as well as provided me with his “Playlist”, a series of videos explained how to do certain stretches at home (or anywhere) to help with maintaining flexibility and healing my issues.  I am proud to say that I can now squat all the way down without pain, I can raise my arms above my head without any pain or “catching/clicking” and am running and doing full exercises/weight-training without pain/discomfort…and have been able to drastically increase the amount of weight used in the gym.  I HIGHLY recommend David…nothing I did before I met David worked and I am a living testimonial that his treatment WORKS.  Do not hesitate!