Dennis Merk Testimonial

They Said I Needed Shoulder Surgery

Dr. Dennis Merk

I had a skiing accident that left my shoulder, feeling like it was hit by a truck. Different orthopedic surgeons told me I needed surgery, and the MRI was confirming it. The only hope I had was the tear in my supraspinatus was more in the muscle belly and not the tendon, then it would have a chance to heal on its own. However, that would only be possible with a great physical therapist – Insert David Grant.

David did not lie to me. He told me after a few weeks of treatment. We would know if rehabilitation without surgery was an option. After three weeks of treatment and me diligently doing the online playlist he made for me, my results were remarkable. My shoulder was moving more than anyone expected. The local orthopedic surgeons were also shocked as they passed me in the hospital. My boss (head of cardiac surgery) was also pleased as the hospital needed me functional again sooner than later.

While David’s therapy sessions were always not the most pleasant thing to attend (a little painful sometimes), he got me back to doing what I needed to do faster than even I thought was possible.

I continue David’s playlist he created for me weekly, and my shoulder is more robust and healthier than it has ever been. I highly recommend David’s in-office visits or online programs and courses if you are looking to become pain-free. Or as he likes to say – UNBREAKABLE.