Joan Bade Testimonial

I Do More Now Than Before

Joan Bade

I was recommended to see David because of my shoulder pain. A colleague of mine told me that his approach was very holistic, and based on the education of the client, not merely medicating the pain away. I was excited to give it a try because many things I loved were becoming not possible for me anymore. My shoulder pain needed to go and I was ready to do what I needed to make sure that it happened.

I knew that David’s approach was correct for me during our Initial Consultation. From the first moment he started to look at my shoulder pain, he was educating me on how it was related to my hips and how I can focus on my entire body to “extra” bulletproof my shoulder, and my shoulder pain would be a thing of the past. I left the Initial Consultation with a private playlist of exceptionally well-done videos of the exact exercises I needed for my shoulder pain and my posture. His videos blew away any PDF handout I previously had before. I still use the playlist to this day, it is a crucial part of my pain not coming back and me staying healthy.

For the first time, I am back to my boot camp classes, skiing holiday, and hiking without shoulder pain, medicine, or even the thought of surgery. Now that David’s programs and coaching courses are online – I believe he has the chance to fix the world. I highly recommend everyone that is looking for a path that directly focuses on fixing the root problem to attend one of David’s online courses or see him in his office for the Initial Consultation.