Marius Broening Testimonial

2008 Olympics Track and Field for Germany

Marius Broenig

I worked with David because I know he is a specialist in movement, mobility, and rehabilitation. From a long career as a sprinter representing my home country Germany and now being on a professional bobsled team, I know how important someone like David is to an athlete like myself. I respect David’s unique approach because he looks at the system as a whole and does everything he can to stay away from medications and treatments that just mask the pain. David is all about restoring the body back to its natural state which allows athletes like me to THRIVE!

David now offers his programs online. If you are in the Stuttgart area and need a great physio book your Initial Consultation with him. When Stuttgart is too far, or your time is limited -go online! His online programs and courses are second to none and I highly recommend them for everyone looking to become pain-free.