Michael Scherrer Testimonial

Crossfit Won’t Break Me

Michael Scherrer

For several months I was struggling with inflammation and pain on the tendon/bone on my elbow.  The pain had a significant effect on my daily life, sleep and of course exercise (Crossfit).

Unfortunately, the typical therapeutic approaches used in the golfer elbow rehab (rest, special bandages, cortisone or hyaluronic acid injections, manual therapy, electric therapy, acupuncture, etc.) did not improve the situation.

David helped me within two sessions to identify the painful areas, to solve the overstressed tissue and to get a grip on the problem in a sustainable manner with different exercises. I have been almost painless for a month now and can train again without restriction.

I highly recommend everyone to see David. If you are in the Stuttgart area then book an Initial Consultation with him. If not, check out his online programs. I am still using his online playlist of exercises almost daily and remain pain-free.