Mick Sanzotta Testimonial

From Multiple Knee Surgeries – To Sprinting Up Stairs

Mick Sanzotta

I had a wonderful mobility/rehab therapy year with Mr. David Grant. I have had 7 knee surgeries over my lifetime associated with the US military and suffer from knee, hip, sciatic pain and plantar fascia issues, and a rotator cuff surgery. David provides a different but effective approach and it has been quite frankly much better than anything I experienced in the past 35 years. I have been extremely encouraged by the results from his stretching/strengthening exercises and rehab massage. He has provided me with an array of techniques to maintain my mobility and relieve my pain, and is a very understanding therapist. I recommend anyone to give him a shot if you have any physical issues. David also knows wonderful Orthopaedic and Chiropractic Practitioners should that need arise. For US persons he also takes the VAT form! He will find a way to help you out with a refreshing and medically sound philosophy on the body, movement and the importance of mobility training!

Update: Now that David offers all of his courses and coaching programs online – he literally might fix the world! If you are struggling to become pain-free and are not in the Stuttgart area, check out his online programs. I am still doing the exercises that he gave me in my private playlist and honestly, I will never stop.