Nina Linke Testimonial

ACL Tear – 7 Months Later On The Court Again

Nina Linke

6 weeks after my ACL surgery I started my rehab with David Grant with the goal to get back on the tennis court as soon as possible. Every day we achieved more stabilization along with the mobility/flexibility of my knee dramatically increasing. Different jumps and exercises with weights really strengthened my leg. We mostly used stabilization tools to get more stability in my knee, but David also wrapped the floss band around my knee every day to help me regain my mobility. The old scar tissue in my hamstring was released with the Rumble Roller and massages. We never finished a training lesson without intensive stretching.
Through the all-around and intensive rehab with David, I could play my first match 5 months after the surgery. 7 months after the surgery I was able to play on my pre-surgery level again. Other players from me took almost double that amount of time with the same surgery. I am very appreciative and thankful for David’s knowledge and work!

I can’t recommend David enough. If you are in the Stuttgart area, book an appointment with him for sure! If not, his online programs are fantastic. Many of my tennis teammates were using his exercises to also stay pain-free and I am still using the online playlist that he made for me weekly. I am confident that is the reason I remain injury-free and play at my consistent level.