Sara Cummins Testimonial

A Pain-Free Yoga Instructor & Mom

Sara Cummins

As a yoga instructor I totally understand the importance of the body, but I also know that sometimes it can be tricky and asking for help is ok! Because many of the positions I teach require a lot from me, and I am a mother of two. Sometimes I felt like my back was reminding me I am no longer invincible. David’s exercises and program allowed me not only to become pain-free much sooner than I expected, but it also allowed me to do more during the day! I think my students, husband, and son are just as grateful for my results as I was, Thanks David!

Now that David offers his programs and coaching online, everyone has the option to become pain-free. I can’t recommend David enough. If you are too far away to visit him in his office, check out his online programs for sure!