Stephanie Sandlin Testimonial

No More Frozen Shoulder

Stephanie Sandlin

I think the title explains itself! I am young and was suffering from a frozen shoulder. Multiple doctors and physical therapists told me there was nothing I could do – how could this be?

I found David through his online videos and a previous client that was suffering from the same issue. Right away, David gave me the confidence that I needed to take the next step. The exercises and programs for me were painful. I guess it had to be for me to get the results I got so fast. However, it was one of the best things that could have happened to me. He even taught my husband how to do the stretches, so my progress could be even faster.

My shoulder is almost entirely back to normal now, and I am back to doing the things that I love. Since I am diabetic, I appreciated David’s holistic approach even more! If you are struggling with an injury or want to learn the tools to become pain-free, David is your answer. I continue to perform the exercises from the online playlist he created for me, and my life continues to get better and better because I am doing things again that everyone else told me would not be possible.