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Tennis Specific Program

David Grant was the assistant to the renown tennis fitness coach Pat Etcheberry at The Harry Hopman Tennis Academy (located in Saddlebrook Resort.) David assisted Pat Etcheberry with training many of the top players in the game. Justine Henin, Martina Hingis, James Blake, Martina Hingis, the Brian Brothers are just a small example of the players he worked with under Pat. David had a dual responsibility and also headed many of the player’s rehab protocols & programs to ensure an accelerated return to their competitive level.

After leaving Saddlebrook and the Pat Etcheberry system, David worked privately with Victoria Azarenka in Scottsdale, Arizona. He helped Victoria with her on-court movement, strength & conditioning, along with managing her mobility & prehab. David received an offer by the Egyptian Tennis Federation to act as the head strength coach & physiotherapist for an up and coming junior player named Karim Hossam (the older brother of Youseff Hossam). Karim Hossam reached an ITF high of eleven in the world and helped his country Egypt win multiple Africa Championship titles. Karim accomplished all of this without suffering from one major injury throughout his entire junior career. During David’s tenure at Saddlebrook, he did not only learn and help teach Pat Etcheberry’s exclusive theory in tennis specific movement, but he assisted in the filming of the top-selling DVD “The Etcheberry Experience.”

Now Located in Sindelfingen, Germany

In Germany, David has built a team of professionals that help players reach the next level. David’s team consists of tennis consultants, strength coaches, nutritional experts, and of course David himself. The GTS system offers a science-based tennis specific system that guarantees to improve your on-court speed & strength while decreasing your chance of injury. David’s method focuses on the balance of all essential components: on-court movement, strength & conditioning, mobility/prehab, nutrition, and a field that David hold close to his own heart – breathing, mindfulness, cold therapy & meditation.

Having a clear understanding of why you move on the court is essential to the game of tennis. However, GTS believes that talent is just the beginning, but when not acted upon, talent is merely unused potential. The catalyst for these two is by educating the player and increasing their self-awareness. The GTS Tennis Specific Movement System is one of its kind! Contact us for more information about the GTS tennis specific method & concept. David continues to speak and travel internationally, and also has many players from around the world visiting his facility for rehab and training. If you are interested in an online consultation click HERE.

GTS Expert

Adam Blicher Show

with David Grant as his guest speaker about Tennis specific Movement.

22. August 2016

The Etchberry Experience

Pat Etcheberry’s DVD
about Tennis specific Movement with David Grant as his main assistant.

18. Juli 2006

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