Blueprint for a Champion

The Blueprint of a Champion – The GTS Sports Club Workshop

David Grant

Make the Invisible Visible

The Blueprint of a Champion

The GTS Sports Club Workshop

Do you want your team to move better and get injured less? Do you want them to learn how sleep, nutrition, and cold therapy could make them bulletproof from the common aches, pains, and colds? These are the things that get in the way of winning national championships. Now imagine learning this from an internationally recognized sports physio & movement coach that has worked with multiple world class & Olympic athletes.

My name is David Grant, and that is precisely what I am offering your sports club. My half day or full day seminar consists of three different sections.

1. Warm Up & Move Better

This is where I teach teams how proper movement is not only essential for warming up but also critical to prevent injury. Have you ever noticed that the top athletes in the world do the same exercises/warm-up that your team does? What is the difference? Simple, it is the logic behind their movements and the integrate detail of each exercise. Any assistant can tell someone to sprint from cone to cone, but a seasoned pro can only teach the small (yet massive) difference in the understanding of the drill.

Here I will teach you those secrets. The same ones I taught athletes like Victoria Azarenka, Justine Henin, and Jamarcus Russell to name a few.

2. Cool Down & Regenerate

Why do world-class athletes come back from injuries and dominate their sport within a fraction of the time that we need? Because they follow a different system. However, this system can be taught and implemented to anyone/team that wants the same results.

Learn how the correct mobility, stretching, and corrective exercise routine can prevent your team from getting injured. However, since we know that injuries are inevitable, let’s also learn how we can use this information to increase your recovery by up to 70%

3. LifeStyle & Beyond

Championships are not won on the field/court/stadium alone. It is a lifestyle and mindset that set them apart. Sleep science, proper nutrition, extreme temperature acclimatization, and mindset training are essential components of this world-class puzzle.

Learn the simple secrets and hacks that will get your team working smarter, not harder and winning more.

Companies I have worked for or which have selected me to make presentations to their staff


Rumble Roller

Mercedes Benz

WTB (Tennis Federation)

Swimming Federation

In addition, I am an adjunct lecturer at the University of Tubingen Sports Science Department.

For more information concerning booking a seminar please email me at [email protected]

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