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I believe that knowledge is exceptionally powerful when it is used as an educational tool. My successful method has helped countless people who had given up and thought they could not get better. Through my GTS workshops and corporate bookings, I can teach others my proven system. You will learn 100% of my techniques and strategies concerning injury rehabilitation, my functional movement system, and LifeStyle techniques that have kept me and many of my client’s injury free. I hold no secrets and teach everything I know. Your success is my success, and the highest compliment is when companies or teams implement what I taught them in the seminar. My goal is customer improvement. I want to make the world bulletproof through modern techniques, non-traditional approaches, and my lifelong experience. This is the idea and passion behind the GTS workshops and corporate bookings

Take a look at what I offer and if you or your company/team needs something specific, do not hesitate to let me know! My goal is to share and teach my passion and use my workshops and corporate bookings to make the invisible visible. I have presented to different military organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and various pro sports teams. If something special needs to be created for your group, that is perfect – because that is my specialty.

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